Episkey srl

an innovative start-up developing

novel reagents, medical devices and therapeutic products from human blood.

Episkey is an innovative start-up founded in 2016 with the aim of introducing into the market novel therapeutic products obtained from human Platelet Lysate.
Episkey holds the exclusive licenses of international patents covering the therapeutic administration of cord blood Platelet Lysate, and already developed an international network of cord blood banks aimed at the procurement of Cord Blood Platelet Lysate for pharmaceutical transformation into platelet derivatives and drugs.

Episkey is a patent company focused on R&D activities, designing and implementing new formulations and products and acts as incubator of start-up projects aimed at opening new markets within the Life Science industry.
Episkey's mission is to produce umbilical cord blood and adult donor blood derived medical products therapeutically effective. Our vision is to become the global reference player for the recovery, processing and utilization of blood donations not suitable for their classical use in transfusion medicine and hemopoietic transplantation.

To date, Episkey is developing three novel products derived from cord blood platelets: Cell Culture Medium (CCM), EyeDrops (CBED) and wound cream (LYSADERM). The revenues will be royalties paid by partner companies producing and commercializing the patented products. Exception is made by CCM, that will be commercialized directly by Episkey to Cell Culture Labs.


Episkey srl
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